How do I register for the Media Portal?

Please click here or email to request access to the Media Portal.

The request will be reviewed by the ATP Media team and we will contact you to let you know the outcome of your request.

What is the Media Portal?

ATP Media’s broadcast partner communications and non-live distribution platform.

Usernames and passwords
  • ATP Media extends an invitation for you to access the Media Portal with your corporate credentials.
  • It does not deal with individual account creation requests, nor do we issue or resolve problems around passwords.
  • We simply allow access to the Media Portal with your corporate username and password.
  • If you are having password issues, please consult your IT department.
  • Please note – the Media Portal does not support shared-mailboxes (without a password) or group distribution lists – only proper users and passwords supported.
Who is allowed to register / access the Media Portal?

ATP Media Rights Holders are able to access the Media Portal. Only users that have been invited, or had a registration request accepted will be able to access the site.

How do I access the Media Portal / what is the URL?

The Media Portal is directly available via a link that has been shared with you. Once in the Media Portal please bookmark the home page to your browser favourites for ease of access in future.

You will only be able to access once you have receive an invitation email from us and clicked the link contained within that email. If you have not received an invitation email you will need to complete a registration form in the FAQ, if you have not previously accessed the Media Portal.

Account types that can access the Media Portal

A Microsoft cloud account lets you access the Media Portal site using your corporate username and password, if your corporation uses Microsoft cloud services. However, if your corporation does not use Microsoft cloud services you are still able to access the Media Portal by simply linking your email account to a Microsoft cloud account.

Using a Microsoft cloud account

If you use Hotmail,, Office 365, or any other Microsoft service, both personal and corporate, you can use these credentials (username – which is often an email address, and password) to access the portal. This is the recommended option.

Using a non-Microsoft account

If you use Gmail, Apple email addresses, Yahoo mail and other email services that are not Microsoft affiliated you can still gain access to the portal with that email address, however you will be prompted to create a new password that is specific for using with the Media Portal at ATP Media.

ATP Media do not manage your usernames and passwords for the Media Portal, we simply allow access for your chosen account.

How do I contact someone for help with an access issue, not related to my username/password?

Use the form below to contact the ATP Media team with access issues. Additional support and contact information is available within the Media Portal site.

We will review your message and respond in due course.

This form can only be used to submit an access request issue – all other support and help information is available to users that are logged in to the Media Portal site.

Input this code:

How do I find out about the new features and functionality in the Media Portal?

There are links to help and information pages available in the Media Portal site. Access to the Media Portal site is protected by your corporate credentials and you must login with these to access any pages in the site.